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ENSC TA Application (external) Spring [Engineering Science]

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ENSC TA Application (external) Spring

This form is for Non-ENSC Graduate Students, Undergraduates, Alumni, and Externals.

Reposted TA applications for Spring 2024 will be open from Monday, November 27 to Friday, December 1, 2023 at 4pm. Graduate students are encouraged to discuss their TA interests with their supervisor before applying and accepting a position. They should also ensure that any position they accept will not hinder or conflict with their own studies and research duties. TAs are expected to be available for the entire term of any accepted contract and able to perform all required duties, including invigilation of midterm and final exams. Any planned absences must be discussed with the course instructor in advance, who will determine if an exception is possible. As per the TSSU collective agreement, TA assignments are expressed in Base Units (BUs). The number of hours required for each BU is expected to approach but not exceed forty-two (42), less 1.1 hours which are set aside for statutory holiday compensation.

For alumni, you may choose the department you used to belong to.
What program are you enrolled in?
If applicable, enter the name of your supervisor.

Enter your top 3 choices of courses you wish to be considered for. Please make sure you meet the TA requirements for your chosen courses.

Please upload a document describing how you are qualified for the courses you have applied for. Please note any previous TA experience.
Please ensure you have named your CV file with your first and last name before upload. Ensure the qualifications for the courses you have applied for are clear.
Please attach your SFU advising transcript if you are a current student.
Please attach transcripts from prior degrees or education to demonstrate your qualifications. Please ensure the file name includes your first and last name.
List only merit-based scholarships you will receive during the TA appointment term. Do not include RA appointments.

Please note that TA applicants are expected to be available and on campus for the duration of the term. If you have any extenuating circumstances or pre-planned travel, please list the dates and reasons here.

Please list any dates/times you cannot be on campus for TA duties.
I declare that the information in this form is truthful and correct.

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