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SFU-ZJU Dual Degree Program Statement of Interest [Computing Science]

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The SFU-ZJU Dual Degree Bachelor-Master program in Computing Science and Fintech is an exciting and unique program that provides highly-motivated individuals, who recognize the importance of international experience, the opportunity to earn two degrees in as little as 5 years.

At SFU, you will gain knowledge across theoretical and applied areas of computer science such as programming, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity. At Zhejiang University, you will be studying at one of the highest ranked universities in China, gaining in-demand skills to excel in the burgeoning Fintech (financial technology) field and become a leading light in the global finance and technology markets. You will also have the opportunity to learn Mandarin whilst studying at SFU, though no previous knowledge is necessary.

The program culminates in students graduating from Simon Fraser University (SFU) with a Bachelor's degree in Computing Science and a Master's degree in Finance from Zhejiang University (ZJU).

We recommend that you fill out the form at one sitting. If you choose to save the form in the middle of your application, you will receive an email in the email you filled out on the form with a direct link to your application. Please note that your form will only remain active for 14 days after 'saving' and it will be automatically closed afterwards. Therefore, we highly recommend that you submit the form within 14 days of your initial draft.

Please also note: the form does not require a log in (except that: if you are a current SFU student, you may log in with your computing ID). To save the completed application, you may print the form and and choose "Save as PDF" prior to your submission.

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The SFU/ZJU Dual Degree Bachelor-Master Program in Computing Science and Fintech is open to domestic and international students, with the exception of students originally from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, who must hold Canadian citizenship for a minimum of four years prior to April 30th of the year in which admission is being sought, in order to be eligible. Those who do not hold Canadian citizenship may instead gain admission to the program by applying via Zhejiang University (ZJU) and taking the national college entrance exam.

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Identify a challenge (from your personal, academic or work life) you have dealt with in the past and explain: What was the challenge? How did you deal with it? What have you learned from the experience? (250 words maximum)
Have you ever studied an additional language? If yes, please specify: the language(s); where, when and how you learnt them; your skill level. (250 words maximum)
What do you know about China? How did you gain such knowledge? (250 words maximum)
Your resume/CV outlining school achievements, extracurricular activities, and employment history if any.

Please provide contact information of two referees: names, titles and email addresses. At least one of the referees must be from a teacher/counsellor/principal who can comment on academic potential and maturity for the Dual Degree Program.

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