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Problem Sets

  • Problem Set 3: SDN Concepts and Mininet (essential for projects 4 and 5)

Programming Projects

Assignments Policy (Read Carefully)

  • Copying Code or Homework: Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. Particularly, copying code from other students or from other sources such as the Web. We may use various tools to check your code, as well as interview you to make sure that you actually did the coding yourself.

  • Collaboration: You can discuss the homework and the programming projects with other students. However, the write-up of the homework and the actual coding must be your own.

  • Late submission: Unless specified otherwise, a written assignment or programming project submitted: (i) within 24 hours after its due will incur 15% penalty, (ii) after 24 hours and within 48 hours of its due date will incur 30% penalty, and (iii) after 48 hours of its due date will not be graded.  One minute late is the same as 23 hours late, the granularity is a complete one day.  The time for submission is the timestamp recorded by the submission server; no other time will be considered. No excuses are acceptable, including computer crashes and power outages. START EARLY, and do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignment.

  • Code grading: The following rules apply: (i) After code submission, absolutely no code modifications or changes are allowed. Example: I just misplaced a semicolon somewhere in line x  which made several test cases fail and I lost many points, can I fix it? NO. (ii) Your code must compile without error. Otherwise, we will not be able to test your code, and you get no credit for it.  (iii) Typically, the grading of your code will be done through scripts or testing programs that we develop. There will be several test cases, each carrying a number of points. If your code passes a test case, you get its points, otherwise, you get no points for that test case. So, test your code carefully before submission.
  • Code quality: Make sure that your code is well-organized with sufficient comments. We usually allocate points for the proper structuring and detailed comments on the code.
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