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Computing Science Course Pages, Fall 2021

CourseTitleCampusInstructor Maillist Archive
2021fa-chin-190-d1CHIN 190 D1 Heritage Mandarin Chinese I Burnaby Xie, Qing (Cynthia) chin-190
2021fa-chin-290-d1CHIN 290 D1 Heritage Mandarin Chinese III Burnaby Xie, Qing (Cynthia) chin-290
2021fa-chin-390-c1CHIN 390 C1 Advanced Chinese Reading Distance Xie, Qing (Cynthia) chin-390
2021fa-cmpt-105w-d1CMPT 105W D1 Soc. Issues & Cmns. Strategies Burnaby Nelsen, Jacqueline cmpt-105-d1
2021fa-cmpt-105w-e1CMPT 105W E1 Soc. Issues & Cmns. Strategies Surrey Tofiloski, Milan cmpt-105-e1
2021fa-cmpt-115-d1CMPT 115 D1 Exploring CS Burnaby Cukierman, Diana cmpt-115
2021fa-cmpt-120-d1CMPT 120 D1 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming I Surrey Cheung, Victor; Imran, Hazra cmpt-120-d1
2021fa-cmpt-120-d2CMPT 120 D2 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming I Burnaby Cukierman, Diana; Imran, Hazra cmpt-120-d2
2021fa-cmpt-120-d3CMPT 120 D3 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming I Burnaby Imran, Hazra; Lim, Angelica cmpt-120-d3
2021fa-cmpt-120-d4CMPT 120 D4 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming I Burnaby Imran, Hazra; Lim, Angelica cmpt-120-d4
2021fa-cmpt-125-d1CMPT 125 D1 Intro.Cmpt.Sci/Programming II Burnaby Imran, Hazra; Shinkar, Igor cmpt-125
2021fa-cmpt-128-e1CMPT 128 E1 Intro. Cmpt.Sci/Prgm/Engineers Burnaby Lavergne, Anne cmpt-128
2021fa-cmpt-130-d1CMPT 130 D1 Intro to Computer Prog I Surrey Edgar, John; Imran, Hazra cmpt-130
2021fa-cmpt-213-d1CMPT 213 D1 Object Oriented Design in Java Burnaby Cheung, Victor cmpt-213
2021fa-cmpt-225-d1CMPT 225 D1 Data Structures/Programming Burnaby Mitchell, David cmpt-225-d1
2021fa-cmpt-225-d2CMPT 225 D2 Data Structures/Programming Burnaby Imran, Hazra; Shermer, Thomas cmpt-225-d2
2021fa-cmpt-275-e1CMPT 275 E1 Software Engineering I Burnaby Cameron, Robert (Rob) cmpt-275
2021fa-cmpt-276-d1CMPT 276 D1 Intro Software Engineering Burnaby Alimadadi Jani, Saba cmpt-276-d1
2021fa-cmpt-276-d2CMPT 276 D2 Intro Software Engineering Surrey Fraser, Brian cmpt-276-d2
2021fa-cmpt-295-d1CMPT 295 D1 Intro. to Computer Systems Burnaby Lavergne, Anne cmpt-295-d1
2021fa-cmpt-295-d2CMPT 295 D2 Intro. to Computer Systems Surrey Shriraman, Arrvindh cmpt-295-d2
2021fa-cmpt-300-d1CMPT 300 D1 Operating Systems I Surrey Khangura, Harinder cmpt-300-d1
2021fa-cmpt-300-d2CMPT 300 D2 Operating Systems I Burnaby Imran, Hazra; Regan, Janice cmpt-300-d2
2021fa-cmpt-307-d1CMPT 307 D1 Data Structures Burnaby Mitchell, David cmpt-307-d1
2021fa-cmpt-307-d2CMPT 307 D2 Data Structures Burnaby Shermer, Thomas cmpt-307-d2
2021fa-cmpt-308-d1CMPT 308 D1 Computability Burnaby Kabanets, Valentine cmpt-308
2021fa-cmpt-310-d1CMPT 310 D1 Artificial Intelligence Survey Burnaby Tofiloski, Milan cmpt-310
2021fa-cmpt-318-d1CMPT 318 D1 Special Topics Cmpt. Science Burnaby Glaesser, Uwe cmpt-318
2021fa-cmpt-320-d1CMPT 320 D1 Social Implications Burnaby Pearce, Steve cmpt-320
2021fa-cmpt-353-d1CMPT 353 D1 Computational Data Science Burnaby Bergner, Steven cmpt-353
2021fa-cmpt-354-d1CMPT 354 D1 Database Systems I Burnaby Pei, Jian cmpt-354-d1
2021fa-cmpt-354-d2CMPT 354 D2 Database Systems I Surrey Edgar, John cmpt-354-d2
2021fa-cmpt-361-d1CMPT 361 D1 Intro to Computer Graphics Burnaby Aksoy, Yagiz; Savva, Manolis cmpt-361
2021fa-cmpt-363-e1CMPT 363 E1 User Interface Dsgn Burnaby Chilana, Parmit cmpt-363-e1
2021fa-cmpt-363-e2CMPT 363 E2 User Interface Dsgn Burnaby Hibbitts, Paul cmpt-363-e2
2021fa-cmpt-371-e1CMPT 371 E1 Data Communications/Networking Burnaby Regan, Janice cmpt-371
2021fa-cmpt-373-d1CMPT 373 D1 Software Development Methods Surrey Fraser, Brian cmpt-373
2021fa-cmpt-376w-d1CMPT 376W D1 Tech.Writing and Group Dynamic Burnaby Nelsen, Jacqueline cmpt-376
2021fa-cmpt-379-d1CMPT 379 D1 Principles of Compiler Design Burnaby Sarkar, Anoop cmpt-379
2021fa-cmpt-383-d1CMPT 383 D1 Programming Langs. Surrey Donaldson, Toby cmpt-383
2021fa-cmpt-405-d1CMPT 405 D1 Cmpt. Algorithms Burnaby Kabanets, Valentine cmpt-405-d1
2021fa-cmpt-405-x1CMPT 405 X1 Cmpt. Algorithms Burnaby Kabanets, Valentine cmpt-405-x1
2021fa-cmpt-412-d1CMPT 412 D1 Computational Vision Burnaby Furukawa, Yasutaka cmpt-412
2021fa-cmpt-413-e1CMPT 413 E1 Computational Linguistics Burnaby Chang, Angel cmpt-413-e1
2021fa-cmpt-413-x1CMPT 413 X1 Computational Linguistics Burnaby Chang, Angel cmpt-413-x1
2021fa-cmpt-415-d1CMPT 415 D1 Special Resrch Proje Burnaby Fraser, Brian cmpt-415-d1
2021fa-cmpt-415-d2CMPT 415 D2 Special Resrch Proje Burnaby Lim, Angelica cmpt-415-d2
2021fa-cmpt-415-d3CMPT 415 D3 Special Resrch Proje Burnaby Imran, Hazra cmpt-415-d3
2021fa-cmpt-415-d4CMPT 415 D4 Special Resrch Proje Burnaby Ester, Martin cmpt-415-d4
2021fa-cmpt-415-d5CMPT 415 D5 Special Resrch Proje Burnaby cmpt-415-d5
2021fa-cmpt-416-d1CMPT 416 D1 Special Research Projects Burnaby Chan, Bobby cmpt-416-d1
2021fa-cmpt-416-d2CMPT 416 D2 Special Research Projects Burnaby Hamarneh, Ghassan cmpt-416-d2
2021fa-cmpt-416-d3CMPT 416 D3 Special Research Projects Burnaby cmpt-416-d3
2021fa-cmpt-417-d1CMPT 417 D1 Intelligent Systems Burnaby Ma, Hang cmpt-417
2021fa-cmpt-431-d1CMPT 431 D1 Distributed Systems Burnaby Vora, Keval cmpt-431
2021fa-cmpt-441-d1CMPT 441 D1 Computational Biology Burnaby Wiese, Kay (Kay C) cmpt-441
2021fa-cmpt-450-d1CMPT 450 D1 Computer Architecture Burnaby Alameldeen, Alaa; Shriraman, Arrvindh cmpt-450
2021fa-cmpt-454-d1CMPT 454 D1 Database Systems II Burnaby Wang, Tianzheng cmpt-454
2021fa-cmpt-464-d1CMPT 464 D1 Geometric Modelling in CG Burnaby Zhang, Hao (Richard) cmpt-464
2021fa-cmpt-469-d1CMPT 469 D1 Spec.Topics/Computer Graphics Burnaby Carpendale, Sheelagh cmpt-469
2021fa-cmpt-470-d1CMPT 470 D1 Web-Based Info Syst Burnaby Baker, Greg cmpt-470
2021fa-cmpt-471-e1CMPT 471 E1 Networking II Burnaby Hefeeda, Mohamed cmpt-471
2021fa-cmpt-474-d1CMPT 474 D1 Web Systems Architecture Surrey Baghban Karimi, Ouldooz cmpt-474
2021fa-cmpt-475-e1CMPT 475 E1 Requirements Engineering Burnaby Shirmohammadi, Shervin cmpt-475
2021fa-cmpt-479-d1CMPT 479 D1 Spec.Topics/Computing Systems Burnaby Vora, Keval cmpt-479-d1
2021fa-cmpt-479-d2CMPT 479 D2 Spec.Topics/Computing Systems Burnaby Ko, Steven cmpt-479-d2
2021fa-cmpt-479-x1CMPT 479 X1 Spec.Topics/Computing Systems Burnaby Vora, Keval cmpt-479-x1
2021fa-cmpt-479-x2CMPT 479 X2 Spec.Topics/Computing Systems Burnaby Ko, Steven cmpt-479-x2
2021fa-cmpt-494-d1CMPT 494 D1 SoSy Capstone Project I Burnaby Lim, Angelica cmpt-494-d1
2021fa-cmpt-494-d2CMPT 494 D2 SoSy Capstone Project I Burnaby Alameldeen, Alaa cmpt-494-d2
2021fa-cmpt-494-d3CMPT 494 D3 SoSy Capstone Project I Burnaby Wang, Jiannan cmpt-494-d3
2021fa-cmpt-495-d1CMPT 495 D1 SoSy Capstone Project II Burnaby Hefeeda, Mohamed; Wang, Jiannan cmpt-495-d1
2021fa-cmpt-495-d2CMPT 495 D2 SoSy Capstone Project II Burnaby cmpt-495-d2
2021fa-cmpt-495-d3CMPT 495 D3 SoSy Capstone Project II Burnaby cmpt-495-d3
2021fa-cmpt-496-d1CMPT 496 D1 Directed Studies Burnaby cmpt-496
2021fa-cmpt-497-d1CMPT 497 D1 Dual Degree Capstone Project Burnaby Cameron, Robert (Rob) cmpt-497
2021fa-cmpt-498-d1CMPT 498 D1 Honours Research Project Burnaby Baker, Greg; Lim, Angelica cmpt-498-d1
2021fa-cmpt-498-d2CMPT 498 D2 Honours Research Project Burnaby cmpt-498-d2
2021fa-cmpt-631-g1CMPT 631 G1 Industrial Internship Off-campus Wong, Wen Dee cmpt-631
2021fa-cmpt-705-g1CMPT 705 G1 Design/Analysis Algorithms Burnaby Kabanets, Valentine cmpt-705
2021fa-cmpt-711-g1CMPT 711 G1 Bioinformatics Algorithms Burnaby Wiese, Kay (Kay C) cmpt-711
2021fa-cmpt-713-g1CMPT 713 G1 NLP Burnaby Chang, Angel cmpt-713
2021fa-cmpt-720-g1CMPT 720 G1 Robotic Autonomy Burnaby Chen, Mo cmpt-720
2021fa-cmpt-726-g1CMPT 726 G1 Machine Learning Burnaby Chen, Mo cmpt-726
2021fa-cmpt-732-g1CMPT 732 G1 Big Data Lab 1 Burnaby Baker, Greg; Chow, Kai Yee cmpt-732-g1
2021fa-cmpt-732-g2CMPT 732 G2 Big Data Lab 1 Burnaby Mahdavi Amiri, Ali cmpt-732-g2
2021fa-cmpt-732-g4CMPT 732 G4 Big Data Lab 1 Burnaby Tayebi, Mohammad (MohammadAli) cmpt-732-g4
2021fa-cmpt-740-g1CMPT 740 G1 Database Systems Burnaby Wang, Tianzheng cmpt-740
2021fa-cmpt-750-g1CMPT 750 G1 Computer Architecture Burnaby Alameldeen, Alaa; Shriraman, Arrvindh cmpt-750
2021fa-cmpt-756-g1CMPT 756 G1 Distributed and Cloud Systems Burnaby Baghban Karimi, Ouldooz cmpt-756
2021fa-cmpt-764-g1CMPT 764 G1 Geometric Modelling in CG Burnaby Zhang, Hao (Richard) cmpt-764
2021fa-cmpt-767-g1CMPT 767 G1 Visualization Burnaby Carpendale, Sheelagh cmpt-767
2021fa-cmpt-770-g1CMPT 770 G1 Parallel Distributed Computing Burnaby Vora, Keval cmpt-770
2021fa-cmpt-777-g1CMPT 777 G1 Formal Verification Burnaby Wang, Yuepeng cmpt-777
2021fa-cmpt-789-g1CMPT 789 G1 Applied Cryptography Burnaby Bulatov, Andrei cmpt-789
2021fa-cmpt-827-g1CMPT 827 G1 Intelligent Systems Burnaby Ma, Hang cmpt-827-g1
2021fa-cmpt-827-x1CMPT 827 X1 Intelligent Systems Burnaby Ma, Hang cmpt-827-x1
2021fa-cmpt-894-d010CMPT 894 D010 Directed Reading Burnaby Mahdavi Amiri, Ali cmpt-894-d0
2021fa-cmpt-894-d1CMPT 894 D1 Directed Reading Burnaby Libbrecht, Maxwell cmpt-894-d1
2021fa-cmpt-894-d2CMPT 894 D2 Directed Reading Burnaby Chen, Mo cmpt-894-d2
2021fa-cmpt-894-d3CMPT 894 D3 Directed Reading Burnaby Liu, Jiangchuan cmpt-894-d3
2021fa-cmpt-894-d4CMPT 894 D4 Directed Reading Burnaby Schulte, Oliver cmpt-894-d4
2021fa-cmpt-894-d5CMPT 894 D5 Directed Reading Burnaby Lim, Angelica cmpt-894-d5
2021fa-cmpt-894-d6CMPT 894 D6 Directed Reading Burnaby cmpt-894-d6
2021fa-cmpt-894-d7CMPT 894 D7 Directed Reading Burnaby cmpt-894-d7
2021fa-cmpt-894-d8CMPT 894 D8 Directed Reading Burnaby cmpt-894-d8
2021fa-cmpt-894-d9CMPT 894 D9 Directed Reading Burnaby cmpt-894-d9
2021fa-cmpt-895-g1CMPT 895 G1 Master Program Extended Essay Burnaby cmpt-895
2021fa-cmpt-896-g1CMPT 896 G1 MSc Course Option Portfolio Burnaby cmpt-896
2021fa-cmpt-897-g1CMPT 897 G1 M.Sc. Project Burnaby cmpt-897
2021fa-cmpt-898-g1CMPT 898 G1 MSc Thesis Burnaby cmpt-898-g1
2021fa-cmpt-898-g2CMPT 898 G2 MSc Thesis Off-campus cmpt-898-g2
2021fa-cmpt-899-g1CMPT 899 G1 Ph.D. Thesis Burnaby cmpt-899-g1
2021fa-cmpt-899-g2CMPT 899 G2 Ph.D. Thesis Off-campus cmpt-899-g2
2021fa-cmpt-982-g1CMPT 982 G1 Spec. Top. in Network-Systems Burnaby Ko, Steven cmpt-982-g1
2021fa-cmpt-982-g2CMPT 982 G2 Spec. Top. in Network-Systems Burnaby Shirmohammadi, Shervin cmpt-982-g2
2021fa-cmpt-983-g1CMPT 983 G1 Spec. Top. in Art Intelligence Burnaby Schulte, Oliver cmpt-983-g1
2021fa-cmpt-983-g2CMPT 983 G2 Spec. Top. in Art Intelligence Burnaby Li, Ke cmpt-983-g2
2021fa-cmpt-984-g1CMPT 984 G1 Spec.Top. Base-Mining-CMPT Bio Burnaby Ester, Martin; Libbrecht, Maxwell cmpt-984
2021fa-ddp-210-d1DDP 210 D1 Dual Degree Prgm-ZU Cmpt Sci Off-campus Cameron, Robert (Rob) ddp-210
2021fa-ddp-310-d1DDP 310 D1 Dual Degree Prgm-ZU Cmpt Sci Off-campus Hefeeda, Mohamed ddp-310
2021fa-macm-101-d1MACM 101 D1 Discrete Math I Burnaby Bulatov, Andrei macm-101-d1
2021fa-macm-101-d2MACM 101 D2 Discrete Math I Surrey Khangura, Harinder macm-101-d2
2021fa-macm-101-d3MACM 101 D3 Discrete Math I Burnaby Pearce, Steve macm-101-d3