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Tuesday lectures as-scheduled. See the lecture notes page for slides, a schedule, and video links.

Unless otherwise announced, Friday lectures are used as exercise time/office hours.

Office Hours

Greg: Fridays 11:30–12:30 in ASB 9838 (CSIL), plus Friday lecture time (in CSIL, ASB 9838).

TAs: none. Available during the Friday lecture time, and will answer discussion forum questions regularly.

All questions about the course material, technical problems, etc should go to the discussion forum. For questions about grading or personal questions email


Late penalty: 20% per day.

To get credit for this course, I expect you to demonstrate that you know how to use programming techniques to manipulate and analyze data. That means:

  • A pass on the weighted average of the stuff where you demonstrate programming ability: exercises + project.
  • A pass on the weighted average of the quizzes.

Failure to do these may result in failing the course.

Academic Honesty

Instructor/TA area

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