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Exercise 7

A three word summary of this exercise: start the project.

Have a look at the project description. The purpose of the exercise this week is to force you to start.

Create a Repository

Create a repository on the CS GitLab server for your project. Add the instructor and TAs as “developers” on your repository: ggbaker, Amir (Amirhossein Daneshpajouh), amutasim . [On your project page: Settings → Members → Invite]

Sketch a Plan

For the final project, your repository will need a cmpt383.txt or file describing what you have done. For this week, create that file and start by briefly describing:

  • Topic idea: what will it actually do?
  • The three programming languages you will use, and (briefly) what will be implemented with each.
  • The two inter-language communication methods you will use.
  • Deployment technology: Vagrant VM, or Docker containers.

You may change any of these later, but you should have a coherent plan now.

Bring It To Life

Depending on your deployment technology (Vagrant + Chef or Docker Compose + Docker), have a look at the sample code and template: Vagrant + Chef template or Docker Compose + Docker template.

You may either copy the entire template, or pick pieces you need. (Vagrant: you'll want at least the Vagrantfile and cookbooks directory. Docker: you'll want at least the docker-compose.yml and a few Dockerfiles.)

Add enough code to your repository so that you can do a vagrant up or docker-compose up and run something in any one of your chosen implementation languages in that environment. (Literally any code you wrote is fine: this is about the system, not the code.)


Create a Git tag (named exer7 or similar) in your project repository:

git tag exer7
git push origin --tags

Make sure you add the instructor and TAs as “developers” on your repository: ggbaker, Amir (Amirhossein Daneshpajouh), amutasim .

Submit a link to that tag in your repository through CourSys for Exercise 7.

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