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Assignment 2 Sample Outlines

These outlines are intended to give you an idea some things you may want to mention as part of your report. Whether or not each topic is relevant (and how much is worth saying) will vary by language. You do not have to choose one of these if you have some other arrangement of the report in mind.

Deciding on an Outline

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide on an outline (and how to approach your report):

  • Based on your experience with Haskell and other languages, what is the one most important thing about your language? What is the first thing you would tell a friend who had no experience with your language but knew the others?
  • How does this “most important thing” affect the programs you would write in the language?

Of course you're welcome to (and probably should) modify these outlines as appropriate to your language. You are free to mix-and-match topics as you like.


  1. Introduction
  2. Type System
    1. Built-in types
    2. Objects
    3. Type system features [strong/weak, static/dynamic, etc.]
  3. Memory Management
  4. Other Interesting Features
  5. Comparison with Other Languages
  6. Conclusion


  1. Introduction
  2. Programming Paradigm
    1. Dominant Paradigm
    2. Other Paradigms [… that are possible to use in the language]
  3. Data Manipulation [Given the paradigm, how are calculations done?]
  4. Other Interesting Features
  5. Comparison with Other Languages
  6. Conclusion


  1. Introduction
  2. Common Uses [projects, fields that use this language]
    1. Projects [or fields/areas/subjects that use this language]
    2. Strengths [why this language is chosen: fast? easy? types? tools?]
    3. Weaknesses [why this language might not be chosen]
  3. Other Interesting Features
  4. Comparison with Other Languages
  5. Conclusion
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