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Project requirement: Experience Summaries

[This is extracted from the SFU FAS Co-op Resumé Workshop Workbook. It's included here because of the Project Experience Summary requirement in our Project. See also Co-op's blog post on accomplishment statements.]

Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment statements clearly demonstrate how you will “add value” to an organization and provide detailed information of your past accomplishments. Employers are impressed by specifics so specify technical tools and include numbers (#’s, $, %, and raw data). Statements that are quantifiable offer proof of your abilities that is concrete and objective.

Each accomplishment statement should include ALL 3 parts:

  1. WHAT: the actions you took to complete the task. [Starts with action verb + noun.]
  2. HOW: detailed description of how you carried out the “what” – specify technical tools/environment; aim to quantify wherever possible. [Technical tools/environment/quantifiable]
  3. RESULT/RATIONALE: results of your tasks from “what” and/or rationale why you completed the “what”. [Quantifiable results/describe why you carried out the “what”]

[The rest here is general resumé advice, and not specifically relevant for this project]

Emphasizing skills from previous employment is great, but don’t forget to include achievements from your volunteer work or projects from classes.

Depending on the complexity and length of each experience, you may include between 35 accomplishment statements. Remember, you don’t want “filler”, so just list the statements that will emphasize relevant and transferable skills.

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