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Demonstration Web Site

Construct a web site that illustrates the technology you have chosen in an application of your choice.

Your demonstration web site can be used to support your presentation and written evaluation.


There are a few options to deploy your site:

  1. Use one of the ConfigurationManagement tools to formalize the deployment of your site. (The project must be deployed this way, so it might be sensible to start with the tools now.) This is a good modern way to deploy a web site and should be considered your first choice, but may be difficult with some technologies (particularly those that are Windows-based).
  2. Deploy to a virtual machine, on AWS or somewhere else
  3. Deploy to somewhere else: somebody's home computer or laptop. Make arrangements with the TA to mark your site if it's not permanently accessible.


  • A Git tag for the source code for your site.
  • The URL where we can find your demo site. If not submitted, we will assume that we can do a vagrant up in the source directory to provision a VM with the demo.
  • [optional] A plain text file about.txt containing any usernames/passwords we need to fully explore the system, as well as any comments you want to make about how the pages were created and what we should look for.

Submit to the CourSys activity Tech Eval Demo Site.

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