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Project Weighting

The group marks for the project will be adjusted for individuals to compensate for differing contributions to the project by group members. These are due by Thursday December 16 2021.


[This is a modification of the method presented by Bill Gardner.]

Take 20n points and divide them among the n team members, including yourself. Give points based on your opinion of what proportion of the credit each member deserves. You may consider quality and quantity of contributions, team-player attitude, and/or any aspects that you feel are relevant. If you assign yourself a value less than 20, please explain why.

Create a peer evaluation submission file. Please wait until after your posters and final project submission, in case these affect your evaluation. If your peer evaluation form is not received, it will be assumed that you have given each group member 20 points.

The minimum and maximum adjustment factors based on the peer evaluations will be 85 and 115 percent. The points given by the group members will be used to calculate your adjustment factor as follows:

  1. The number of points given to you by each group member (excluding your own evaluation of yourself) will be averaged. So, in a group of four members, the points from the other three members will be averaged.
  2. If this average is not in the range 10–40, it will be changed to 10 or 40. This reflects the assumption that the valid levels of contribution that can be handled by this method are between “half” and “double”. This (adjusted) average is \(A\).
  3. The adjustment factor is calculated with the function \( F(A) = 0.65 + 0.0225A - 0.00025A^2 \) . This function has the property that \(F(10) = 0.85\), \(F(20) = 1.0\), and \(F(40) = 1.15\). Thus, it provides scaling factors in the desired range.

For each individual, each component of the project that is evaluated for the group will be scaled by F(A).

If your group feels that you have an exceptional case that is too extreme to be dealt with by this method, you may submit a statement documenting the problem to Greg by email.

Students who are concerned about their group evaluation may come to Greg's office after the final marks are available. The other members' evaluations will be read, with no identifying information given. Information correlating group members with the evalutations they gave will not be released.

In exceptional circumstances, the instructor may ignore group weighting or use another method to determine individual marks.


Create a peer evaluation submission file and submit it to the Project Weighting activity.

If you do not submit the weighting, I will assume you want to give an even evaluation: all 20s.

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