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Project Implementation

The final implementation of the project is due on the last day of classes, Monday December 13 2021. Because of the diverse possibilities for the project content, it is difficult to specify “how much” should be implemented. Roughly speaking, it should be enough to justify the corresponding marks in a 400-level course for n people.

The final product should be a reasonably polished, usable web system. It is expected that the system will do a good job of solving the problem it is designed to tackle.


Your project must be deployed in a production-ready way. That means MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database (not SQLite), and Nginx or Apache as a web frontend (and serving static files), possibly with an application server running behind it (not a devel server).


Create a Git tag for your submission something like this:

git tag final
git push origin --tags

The final implementation submission will include:

  • A Git tag for your project's code. We expect that we can do a vagrant up or docker-compose up to bring the system to life and start marking.
  • A file with notes about your system, including:
    • The exact command to bring it up from a just-checked-out repository.
    • Any comments you want to make about the project: what's working, what isn't. Also note any features that you think might be easily missed while marking.
    • Any userids and passwords that are needed to fully explore the system. Pre-loading your system with some basic test data is also helpful.
    • The URL (possibly http://localhost:8080/) where we can access your project after bringing up the VM.

Submit it to Project Implementation.

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