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Project Checkpoint

To make sure you're on the right track and will be ready for your demonstration, you will be required to submit a partial implementation by Friday November 26 2021. By this time, enough of your project should be working that you could do a small demonstration of your project and give us an idea of what will be done. (You don't have to actually do a demo, but you should have enough that you would be able to.)

Your code must be in your group's GitLab repository. We will be looking for a working repository (code checked-in by all group members over a reasonable time span, with decent commit comments), not a one-time import.

Create a Git tag for your submission something like this:

git tag checkpoint
git push origin --tags


You may do development-style deployment for the checkpoint (SQLite and a development server). Your final implementation must be deployed in a production-ready way: it may be wise to start working with your configuration now.


For the checkpoint, you need to submit:

  • A Git tag for your project's code.
  • A file readme.txt with any notes you think are relevant to evaluating the code (to give us the best chance to see what you have working). This shouldn't be very long: a few paragraphs or points.

Submit it to Project Checkpoint.

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