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Exercise 8

For this exercise, you will use the framework you worked with in exercise 6 and exercise 7 (or some other framework if you really want to switch) to create a simple contact manager application. This is to make sure you know how to work with your framework in more than a copy the tutorial code kind of way.

Create a GitLab repo for the code, and add ggbaker and lirongl, gna17 as developers. Again, use the ProjectRepo instructions to get a basic Vagrant/configuration management setup.

You will probably want to base this app on the same framework you used for the previous exercises (and presumably, your group project). The functionality required is simple:

  • Each “contact” has a first and last name, email address, phone number, and other “notes”.
  • Anyone can use the web-based interface to create a contact, as well as view and edit all contacts in the system.

As an example, I have created and deployed my own contact manager.

As with my exercise 5 example app, the database for the system is reset to its initial state every hour, on the hour. So, you can add and delete information without worrying about causing permanent damage.

Your app doesn't have to behave in exactly the same way, or be as polished as mine: these exercises are meant to be quick, so don't make this harder than it needs to be. Just meet the above requirements and move on.


Set up configuration management recipes to get your system running after a vagrant up or docker-compose up.


We expect a working URL at http://localhost:8080/. If there are any other special instructions, include them in the README.

Commit everything and create a Git tag, as you have before. Submit your Git tag through the CourSys activity Exercise 8.

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