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Exercise 10

For this exercise, you will be exploring a Javascript library like jQuery. My instructions here will be for the jQuery. If you'd like to use another jQuery tutorial, or another Javascript library entirely, you're welcome to do so. Just make sure to include a link to the tutorial so we know what you're doing.

Create a new GitLab repository for this exercise (or use one from some earlier exercise if you already have content where that makes sense). Either way, make sure ggbaker and lirongl, gna17 have developer permissions.

Create an HTML page tutorial.html and JavaScript file application.js (that are empty for now) that you'll create/manipulate as you explore. Add code to load the jQuery library and a application.js JavaScript file that you'll also create.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="application.js"></script>

Work through the Learning jQuery tutorial. As you go, copy some highlights of your work into the HTML/JavaScript files so there is something more permanent we can give you a mark for.

Complete Chapters 15 of the tutorial (About to Ajax), and add at least a few things from each chapter to your page.

Add some notes to your HTML so we can see what's happening. (Just something like “click this text to see the CSS change” so we're not totally confused about what you did.)


Commit everything and create a Git tag, as you have before. Submit your Git tag through the CourSys activity Exercise 10.

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