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Office Hours

Greg: office hours Thursdays 11:0012:00 by video chat. (See SecretLinks for the URL.)


  • Rong, office hours Wednesdays 13:0014:00 by video chat.
  • Gonick, office hours Fridays 14:0015:00 by video chat.

All questions about the course material, technical problems, etc should go to the discussion forum. For questions about grading or personal questions email


  • Weekly Exercises: 20% (2% × 10, individual)
  • Technology Evaluation: 25% (mostly group marks)
    • Demonstration web site: 7%
    • Presentation: 8%
    • Written Evaluation: 8%
    • Presentation summaries: 2% (individual)
  • Project: 55% (mostly group marks)
    • Proposal: 2%
    • Checkpoint Implementation: 3%
    • Final Implementation: 45%
    • Project Overview: 5% (individual)

The group-based project marks will be multiplied by an individual adjustment factor. This will be determined from evaluations of participation by the group's members.


In order to pass this course, I expect students to demonstrate on the project that they have learned how to implement a web information system. In practice, that means…

The final project implementation will take the place of a final exam administratively: if you don't do it, you will be given an incomplete in the course. You must pass the project implementation to pass the course.

Group members that do not personally complete a reasonable amount of the project implementation will receive a grade penalty beyond the normal project weighting method. That generally means receiving an F or D in the course. Contributions will be evaluated on the basis of commits to the group's version control repository: all group members are expected to commit their own work.

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