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Technology Evaluation

Each project group is responsible for demonstrating and evaluating a particular web technology. You should focus on the overall aspects of the tool, as opposed to lists of features.

Groups must propose a list of possible topics by Thursday June 04 2020. See TechEvalTopicNotes for more information on choosing topics, and TechEvalTopics for topics for each group.


The technology evaluation is completed in the project groups (except the summaries). It is expected that all group members will complete an approximately equal share of the technology evaluation.

The groups will present in a randomly generated order (and choose topics in the same order):

2, 17, 18, 3, 20, 16, 14, 4, 9, 5, 15, 13, 1, 8, 10, 19, 12, 6, 7, 11

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