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Online Offering Summary

Course Delivery

  • Lectures: posted as YouTube videos, premiering at lecture time for synchronous viewing. [Premiered videos become regular YouTube videos after the initial “airing”.] See the schedule accompanying the Lecture Notes for links.
  • Q&A in the Piazza Discussion Forum. [See the Secret Links page for the access code needed on your first visit.]
  • Lab time/consultation details to be announced.


  • A computer.
  • … with a webcam, required to take a verification photo during quizzes (and optionally also for office hours, etc). If you don't have a webcam but do have a phone, I'll point out DroidCam or EpocCam.
  • … that is powerful enough to run a VM: at least 8 GB memory, 20 GB disk, reasonably decent processor (not too old, not a Celeron or other low-spec).
  • Windows, Mac, Linux all good.
  • A stable Internet connection.
  • Participation during the lecture time required for the quizzes.
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