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Office Hours

Greg: Fridays 13:0014:00 by video conference and discussion forum.

TAs: Luiz Peres de Oliveira and Archana Subramanian, office hours Thurs 12:3013:30 by video conference and discussion forum.

All questions about the course material, technical problems, etc should go to the discussion forum. For questions about grading or personal questions email


  • Weekly exercises: 10 × 1.5% = 15%
  • Assignments: 10% + 15% + 10% = 35%
  • Quizzes: 3 × 8% = 24%
  • Project: 26%

Late penalties: 20%/day for assignments; 50%/day for exercises.

To get credit for this course, I expect you to demonstrate that you know how to apply a variety of programming language concepts. That means:

  • A pass on the weighted average of the stuff where you demonstrate programming ability: exercises + assignments + project.
  • A pass on the average of the quizzes.

Failure to do these may result in failing the course.

Academic Honesty

Instructor/TA area

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