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Information for Topic Presentations

You can present in a group of up to 5 students, or by yourself. I strongly encourage you to present in a group. The length should be about 15-20 minutes followed by questions. A single class meeting can accommodate 4 presentations.

Presentation Structure

A presentation should address the following questions.

  1. Motivation: what is the problem the method seeks to address? Why is this an important question to answer?
  2. Intuition: High-level description of the method/approach. As informal as possible.
  3. Details: Pseudo-code, instructions on how to use an idea.
  4. Examples: An example application. Demos and visualizations are helpful if available.

Advanced Topics for an Optional Presentation

Below you find my suggestions for topics. I selected topics that are likely to be useful to a number of students. If you want to suggest a topic of your own, please discuss your choice of presentation topic with me as early as possible.

I provide basic references. You can use others in addition for your presentation if you choose.

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