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Unless otherwise announced, Tuesday lectures are cancelled and moved to CSIL for work time/office hours.

Thursday lectures as-scheduled.

Office Hours

Greg: Tuesday 11:00–12:00 and Friday 10:30–12:20 in TASC1 9229, and Tuesday 13:3015:00 in CSIL.

TAs: Logan and Ipsita, office hours Tuesday 13:3015:00 in CSIL.

Email help: questions to only, please.


  • Weekly exercises: 12 × 3.5% = 42%
  • Project: 13%
  • Quizzes: 2 × 7.5% = 15% (on Tuesday October 08 2019 and Tuesday November 05 2019)
  • Final exam: 30% (on Tuesday December 10 2019)

Late penalty: 20% per day.

To get credit for this course, I expect you to demonstrate that you know how to use programming techniques to manipulate and analyse data. That means:

  • A pass on the weighted average of the stuff where you demonstrate programming ability: exercises + project.
  • A pass on the weighted average of the stuff where we know for sure you're doing the work yourself: quizzes + final exam.

Failure to do these may result in failing the course.

Academic Honesty

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