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Exercise 6

Getting Started with JavaScript and jQuery

Create an HTML page that loads the jQuery library and a .js file you will create. Add the provided HTML for the <body> of the page.

Create the .js file that your HTML refers to. Add this code from the Guide to get started and make sure things are working:

say_hello = function() {
  alert('Hello world!')
setup = function() {

If you load the page and click on any paragraph, you should get an alert box. Make sure that's working before moving on.

Also create a little stylesheet for the page, so we can make some appearance changes with out JavaScript:

.highlighted {
  color: red;

Changing the Behaviour

The behaviour from the example isn't what we really want here. Modify the JavaScript so that:

  • The alert does not happen when you click paragraphs (but you may want to re-use the code for).
  • When you click on the <h1> element, there is an alert I'm a heading.
  • When the mouse moves over the paragraph with id="hoverable" (a mouseenter event), all paragraphs should get the class highlighted (so it turns red with the above stylesheet). This is done by settings the class attribute like: .attr('class', 'highlighted').
  • When the mouse leaves the id="hoverable" paragraph (a mouseleave event), the class should be removed. This can be done by setting the class attribute to '' (the empty string).
  • When the <button> is clicked, the first list item (that's still on the page) should disappear. This can be done with the .first function (to get the first element in a jQuery object) and .remove function to remove it from the page. Here's a big hint: jQuery('li').first().remove().

Video: demo of the required functionality.

In order to do this, you should have one setup function that configures four event handlers: click on the <h1>, mouseenter and mouseleave on the hoverable paragraph, and click on the button. Each should connect a function that takes the required action.


Upload the files to the course web server, as you have before. You may want to continue organizing your files as before and create a folder exercise6.

Submit the URL of your HTML page to the CourSys activity Exercise 6.

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