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Admininstrative Stuff

Office Hours

Greg: Tuesday 11:0012:00 and Friday 10:3012:20 in TASC1 9229.

TAs: office hours in ASB 9700.

  • Anurag: Tuesday 14:3016:30.
  • Pourya: Thursday 10:0012:00.

Please email for help, not Greg or individual TAs.


  • Weekly Exercises: 12% (12 × 1%). Short, to exercise fundamental ideas.
  • Assignments: 18% (4 × 4.5%). Longer, intended to integrate concepts.
  • Midterm Exam: 20%. In lecture time, Wednesday October 23 2019.
  • Final Exam: 50%. As scheduled by Student Services. 3 hours, cumulative.

For both exams, you are allowed a one page (8.5×11), single sided, hand-written cheat sheet.

Late penalties: For exercises, 25% for the first 2 days; 100% after that. For assignments, 20%/day.

Course Content

The major topics of the course will be:

  • Markup and HTML
  • CSS Stylesheets
  • JavaScript programming
  • Web Graphics

More details can be found in the Study Guide.


In order to pass this course, I expect students to demonstrate that they have learned the fundamental concepts of the course topics. In practice, that means that in order to pass the course, you must receive an average pass on both the semester work (exercises + assignments) and exams (midterm + final).

I also have AcademicHonesty expectations, which you should review.

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